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Lee's Marketplace is invested in the local communities. Lee's has an understanding that they wouldn't be where they are today without each and every one of the loyal guests who continually shop at their stores. With this in mind and Lee Badger's legacy of community outreach and his connections within the community, Lee's carries on that tradition, growing it each year. Lee's Marketplace gives back to the community as much as they can.

Every year, Lee's gives thousands of dollars to the community in various ways.

Lee's helps fundraise wonderful non-profit programs. Lee's Cares Foundation hosts an ALS golf tournament every year to help raise money for research. However, there are many more donations, monetary and in kind, that go towards events within the community. Lee's sponsors many city programs, events, parades and more. All of this is given because of what Lee's guests are passionate about, Lee's is there to support.

Lee's Mission statement says, "Lee's Marketplace pledges to support the local communities, and to have integrity in all that we do."

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